You can teach dance with a focus on enhancing health & wellbeing using evidence informed approaches

Enabling older people to move, feel & live better through dance!

Why lead dance for older people?

  • It’s a growing market

  • Older people are available when younger people are not
  • Get ready for a great 2-way reward
  • Enjoy having enthusiastic, committed and mature participants

  • Help older people move better, feel better, live better!

RIPE Dance participants – Images: Barry Alsop, Eyes Wide Open Images

What practitioners can do for older people…


Make Space
for Stories




Develop Strength
& Balance

Lift Mood &
Build Confidence

Foster Rhythm
& Musicality

Enable Social


Ageing Population

Research showing benefits of dance
for older people

Increasing interest in & demand for dance for older people

= A need for more qualified practitioners to lead dance

If 1 practitioner can
enhance the lives
of 100 older people


For every 100 practitioners GMA supports, the lives of 10,000 older people can be enhanced

GOLD Moves Australia is working to make dance accessible to all older people by increasing the number of practitioners offering dance

Our offerings for dance, fitness, health and care practitioners

  • Professional Development – to grow your skills, enhance your practice and expand your offerings

  • Mentoring – to support you to achieve your goals
  • Networking – to connect you with other practitioners
  • Resources – to add to your toolbox

What can GMA do for you?

GMA can support you to:

  • Become effective and confident in leading dance for older people in a range of settings and contexts
  • Create and develop safe and effective dance programs
  • Grow your demand and potential participant base through niche learning
  • Apply your specialty and interest areas to enhance health and wellbeing

  • Become a local specialist for dance for older people

What some GMA Workshop participants said…

Thank you so so much for an incredible day. I absolutely loved it and really appreciated all the work you and Julie put into the presentation and practicals. I took that many notes, my brain is going 100 miles an hour at present!!!! I want to implement something in Term 3 only a week or so away. Many thanks for a wonderful teaching day.

There were so many good points – having the opportunity to ‘participate’ in an example class & see the structure & how it works for Gail, provided ideas & foundation – being introduced to & learning about all types of class structuring & stimulus – learning about specific issues or ailments that could affect the students & suggestions of how to deal.

GMA Co-Directors: Julie Chenery (left) & Gail Hewton

Our Story

We are a team of passionate and highly experienced dance artists, educators and community practitioners with expert skills and knowledge in working with older people. We combine scientific evidence that demonstrates the health benefits of dance, with our passion and expertise.

We see dance as an elixir for life! Dance offers a myriad of benefits especially transforming the health and wellbeing of older people. This transformative power has a positive ripple effect on families, friends, community and society in general. We want to share this dance potion throughout Australia.

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