Mentoring – support to achieve your goals

GMA knows that moving into a new area of practice or incorporating new learnings into your work can take you out of your comfort zone, and even be daunting. GMA can support you to achieve your goals through mentoring.

What is it?

We see mentoring as a respectful learning relationship between 2 people for the purpose of continuing to refine knowledge and skills in a specific context.

Who is it for?

Either practitioners who are just starting to deliver dance to older people for health and wellbeing or more experienced practitioners wishing to develop their expertise in specific ways.

What topics are covered?

As the mentoree, you set the parameters you wish to explore and then come to an agreement with the mentor as to the specifics. This can be refined as you proceed.

How does it work?

You begin by contacting GMA to chat about your needs. You negotiate structure, time frame and method of communication that suits your circumstances. We can work with you over phone or online, via email, Zoom, WhatsApp or other suitable method.

Who decides how long?

Generally, both parties gain a sense of when the work is done, even if that is sooner than the initial plan. Either party can suggest the timing of the sessions or when the arrangement ends. Clear communication is the key.

How much does it cost?

Our fees can be charged per 15 minutes or per hour. It may be less than you think! Contact us to discuss and talk about your needs. It only takes a short while to have a conversation or answer some of your questions.

What can GMA Mentoring do for you? We can help you:

  • Establish yourself as a local specialist on dance for older people

  • Grow your business faster and more efficiently

  • Breakthrough plateaus and sticking points

  • Meet deadlines by holding you accountable

  • Keep focused with specific prioritised tasks

  • Get motivated to take action that fulfils your purpose

  • Effectively market to and recruit older clients

  • Reflect on, analyse, review and refine your practice

Let’s talk about your hopes!