Are you a dance, fitness, health or care practitioner?

GMA supports and advocates for dance with a focus on enhancing health and wellbeing for a better quality of life using evidence informed approaches without losing the essence of the dance.

GMA is committed to becoming a “go-to” source for progressing the field of dance for older people.

GMA provides dance, fitness, health and care practitioners with current, up-to-date and forward-thinking techniques and strategies to develop your practice. From professional development including online learning and face-to-face workshops, blog posts, resources and more, GMA is leading the way.

We are inclusive and encourage various genres and styles of dance and teaching approaches. Our objective is to have practitioners adapt their practice for this demographic, particularly to incorporate principles that address falls prevention, mental health and social connectedness.  These are major issues that often accompany ageing and can be life threatening or can seriously decrease quality of life. Dance has the power to directly impact these issues.

There are many ways dance can be offered to older people to benefit their health and wellbeing.  We are keen to introduce dance to settings where older people may find themselves. GMA believes there is opportunity for dance to be incorporated into the offerings of dance, fitness, health and care practitioners. What dance content and how it is delivered will depend on the purpose of the dance; the context and setting; as well as the dance experience and knowledge of the practitioner delivering the dance activity

Dance Teachers,  Practitioners & Artists

Those who are dance trained and/or qualified teachers will have the ability to deliver dance in:

  • community with many different possible formats such as classes, events and/or projects
  • care settings such as aged care, community respite centres, hospitals and hospices – delivering a range of activities from group classes to one on one interactions as well as projects

Fitness Instructors, Allied Health & Care Practitioners

Research indicates dance offers potential greater retention of older people in regular exercise – dance is exercise in disguise. GMA can assist you to dance-ify your offerings to enhance your work with older people.

  • If you are dance trained you may like to participate in the professional development offered for dance practitioners – see section for dance teacher/practitioners/artists
  • For those not dance trained, GMA is currently creating professional development specific to the needs of Fitness Instructors, Allied Health Practitioners and Care Workers
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GMA aims to support practitioners in a number of different ways depending on their dance experience, interests, needs and aspirations. Our current offerings include:

When you learn how to effectively work with older participants for optimal health, wellbeing and quality of life you will create a community of participants who will not only stick with you for years but will tell others who also NEED your skills and expertise.

GMA CPD workshop participants – Image Gail Hewton

Regional, Interstate & International Practitioners

We are super keen to connect with practitioners worldwide to discuss expanding this work to the benefit of older people wherever they may live– both for those living independently in community as well as those living in care. This is an opportunity for all practitioners to expand their practice.

GOLD Moves Australia would love to offer sessions in your community or online (online program currently in development). So, if you’d like to connect please contact us