Professional Development – expand your offerings

GMA offers professional development (PD) to introduce and upskill dance, fitness, health and care practitioners in the field of dance for older people for health and wellbeing.

GMA’s vision is to provide a range of PD opportunities including face to face, online, blended learning, etc. accessible wherever you might be.  Currently our PD workshops are face to face supported by pre workshop reading and practical tasks.

We can design and deliver workshops around both general and specific modules relevant to dance for older people to address particular needs and demands from potential workshop participants.

Knowledge & skills you will develop from our offerings include:

  • The nature of the field of dance for older people
  • The effects of the ageing process and which aspects are modifiable through dance

  • Implications of specific health conditions & issues for dance
  • Understanding the needs, priorities and goals of this population
  • How to determine the most appropriate dance content for older participants

Julie Chenery welcoming CPD workshop participants – Image: Gail Hewton

GMA CPD workshop participants – Image: Gail Hewton

  • Dance strategies and techniques that can be applied in any type of dance context or setting
  • Concepts that are critical to dance program design

  • How to design a safe and effective dance program for different participant needs

  • How to devise, adapt or modify dance content for a wide variety of older participants

  • Balance-specific dance strategies to improve balance and reduce fall risk

  • Business skills for initiating and running dance activities for older participants eg risk assessment, marketing & PR, insurance, enrolment, etc

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GMA Professional Development Testimonials

I can’t thank you & Julie enough for the amazing workshop last Tuesday. It was truly inspiring. Thank you for sharing all of your knowledge, experience & personal stories with us. Without sounding corny, I feel like I’ve found my calling!! This just feels like the right direction for me to take & the right timing as well. I’m really excited (& a tad overwhelmed) of the potential prospects that lie ahead for me & others to work in the area of Dance of Older Generations. It’s like all of my prior learning & experience is coming together for an exciting new pathway into the future. I feel very fortunate to have you & Julie with us. When I’ve absorbed everything from last Tuesday & the attached notes, I’d love to come up to the coast one day in the near future to participate/assist with some of your classes if that’s ok with you. I’d love to catch up & chat about what I’ve been doing thus far & plans for the future.

I enjoyed every bit of the workshop & connecting with like-minded people.  I loved how knowledge was not held precious; thoughts, ideas, information was shared.  It really felt like a genuine experience & everyone was there to help and share especially Gail & Julie.  Thank you! (smiley face)